Reservations Management

Boost up your REservations

We undertake the role of the reservatons& sales department of your accommodation. Whether it is a hotel, a set of rental apartments or a single touristic residence, we undertake the complete management of your reservations all year round, 7/7.

We are constantly in direct communication and coordination with the front desk of the accommodation, while there is immediate update and information of all reservations at any time – as if there is a physical presence of the reservation department at your property.

Some of our services include:

Why choose it?

Increase of bookings. Now prices, promotion in the distribution channels and room allocation (room assignment) are done by experienced partners, 100% specialized in this field. With targeted strategy and know-how, revenues will increase.

Reduction of workload & personnel management. Without wasting time on interviews, training and wages your company retains resources to focus on operation or expand in other areas there is no longer need to maintain a reservations department or burden other posts (front desk/manager) with reservations management

Focus your energy on the main part of the hospitality, that is to provide the best possible service at your accommodation.

Ensure the stable operation of the Back Office, through a long-term and professional cooperation that is not affected by other factors.