About Us

A few words about us

Reminds Hospitality offers solutions for the hotelier who wants to improve his product.

Harry Papadopoulos
Χάρης Παπαδόπουλος

George Kourtides
Γιώργος Κουρτίδης

Effie Moraiti
Έφη Μωραΐτη

Reminds Hospitality comprises a group of experienced associates with love for hospitality, who came together driven by the appetite for creative solutions in the tourism product.

Our team offers solutions for the hotelier who wants to improve his product, upgrade it or simply assign parts of the business’ operation to external parties.

Our partnerships are built on tailor-made, customized solutions for each business and are based on professionalism, teamwork and trust.

With over 10 years of experience in the tourism industry in various positions such as General Management, Financial Management, Reservations & Sales Management, Reception etc., we always aim to provide services that will grow the business and help it achieve its goals.

Despite the challenges and radical changes in the tourism sector the past years, we believe in the dynamic of the hospitality world and we are here to transform technology into help, strategy into support and ideas into real services.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help our customers to achieve their goals. To highlight the unique character of their accommodation and create a great environment for its customers, partners and employees.

Our vision for Reminds Hospitality is to “remind” our partners of the value of hospitality and Reminds Hospitality to become synonymous with consulting excellence in the management of touristic accommodation.

Our values

Unique hospitality

Drawing inspiration from the roots of the institution of hospitality

Team spirit

... and professionalism, because together we achieve more

Creative collaboration

We discuss, understand and transform ideas into projects

Relationship of trust

With full transparency in every movement, we focus on the results