Special Services

REdiscover your product


The copywriting service refers to composing all descriptions around the property, used both online and offline.

Whether it is a new business or a well-established accommodation, we undertake the creation of all the text-descriptions you need, after exploring your product and orienting towards the proper stylization.

After investing thousands of Euro in a hospitality project, it is time to invest in the proper content that will convince the prospective client to finalize the desired booking. The unique and inventive description of the property as a whole and of each one of its services, is a key tool for the most successful promotion of the product.

Why choose it?

First impression on the guest is made online. It is therefore important to create attractive content that will convince the potential guest to make a reservation.

The unique and resourceful description of the whole property and its sub-categories is a basic tool for the most successful product promotion

Creating a total of propulsive, customized, tailor-made and targeted texts will highlight the special character of your unit, room types and services

Mystery Guest Service

The mystery guest program is a strategy introduced in the field of hospitality by large hotel groups and it provides a direct overview of the business through the eyes of a customer – secret visitor.

Experienced partners visit your property disguised as regular guests, with the ultimate goal to make a strict evaluation of every aspect of a guest’s stay. At the end of each visit, you will receive a complete report for each section and ideas-suggestions for issues that were identified.

Why choose it?

Customers constantly have new requirements and needs. As a result, it is often difficult to pinpoint the actual issues that may affect your occupancy levels and, of course, your turnover.

Many times, the online comments of customers may be misleading or influenced by irrelevant parameters. As such they do not always reflect the source of the problem or its depth.

The appearance of a secret partner at an unexpected time, provides the opportunity to record the procedures and gaps of the services and the hotel as a whole, in an objective and targeted manner.

This service is a tool that may pinpoint issues you did not know existed, spot imperfections to improve and bring positive changes to the way your business operates