How can I reach out to my guest to up his experience?

The guest experience starts with her/his  first enquiry for a room directly to the hotel or via searching booking online. Apart from the right presentation of the hotel services and replying to the guests’ requests in the best possible manner, the hotel must do the extra step – and proactively take  care of the guests’ needs before they even arise. 

For example, a proper welcome letter with helpful information on the weather, arrival services and other useful tips will make a great first impression on the guest. Treating your customers as if they were friends who you care about will only do good for your business and income, as well as play a great part in managing an unexpected crisis later on! If a guest is already feeling welcomed and taken care of before her/his arrival, there will be much less of a fuzz if something goes wrong after the check in! Messaging them the right way – not too much, aligning with your general concept, always in a professional and kind manner – may resolve issues in advance and result in a great overall experience that will translate into good reviews and profit.