Operation: How can a happy housekeeping department increase revenues?

Well just like a good cook, a great housekeeper should care about the guests’ needs as much as the business owner. Cleaning is a lot like cooking: it needs to be performed with great care, precision and targeting a great experience result. If the cleaning is good, the business will thrive much easier and guests will be happy and eager to come back (or suggest the place to everyone!). Let’s look at it like this: a wonderfully designed room that is dirty is a guests’ experience disaster that will result in fights, terrible reviews and hurt the hotel’s reputation. On the other hand, a mediocrely designed room that has shiny floors and windows, smells like mother’s care and still feels like it is brand new, will only bring positive comments, cheerful vibes and satisfied, thankful guests.

At the end of the day, making a difference means caring for your customers’ well-being and housekeeping is perhaps the only department that can do this in an absolute way. It is therefore important that your housekeeping staff is carefully selected and most importantly, properly motivated to do the dirty work. Salaries are definitely crucial but most importantly, the cleaning staff must feel important and worthy of care itself in order to perform well and take your business to a higher level. Their efforts should be appreciated in words by the management and their opinion asked for often, as they may also offer perspectives that the hotelier could not even imagine – each field of work provides a beneficial point of view!