Sales: Are tour operators necessary anymore?

If covid-19 has taught us anything it is that we should appreciate any source supplying a customer flow towards a property. However, more and more financial scandals concerning tour operators around the globe leaving debts and hurt businesses is now a thing. The truth is that for the past years, people were increasingly turning to OTAs for hotel reservations, but the health crisis left many of the travelers dealing with lack of insurances and hotels struggling with fine prints and terms who thought irrelevant when signing agreements with 3rd parties. A hotelier must be more prepared and educated to review any contract the right way, vet the partnerships to the very last detail and determine what risks are worthy to be taken when choosing a tour operator to supply you. Many destinations are still dependent on tour operators’ packages to make most of their income, however better balancing between allotment/ commitment contracts and other sales will eventually be safer and more profitable.