Marketing: At what point is my online rating important and how much should I care about it?

The answer to this may seem obvious for some but still puzzles others, while it actually depends on many factors. A high online rating score is definitely an asset, but should one lose sleep over it? No. And the main reason for that is that travelers are now more trained than ever to determine whether a hotel may suit their needs, while many guests nowadays use rating as leverage to often take advantage of a property. If you are new to the hospitality industry, you may feel anxious about ratings and even go many more extra miles than you promised to extract a good review. Experience and training will reduce this stress, while providing services the best way possible and securing a sufficient number of reviews will make a nasty review much less important. Responding properly to reviews when possible will give you high credits and excluding malicious comments may also be possible on occasion, but at the end of the day improving and evolving along your customer needs will conclude to a great result!