Sales: Why are early bookings decreasing and how should a hotel handle it?


First of all, many are rushing to blame covid-19 for the loss of early bookings. Anyone long enough in the industry can however confirm that “early bookings” were already decreasing the past years. This is mostly related to the fact that there are now many more channels to distribute hotel sales and therefore many sources a guest can choose from when deciding to go for a holiday. Finding a hotel to stay has become easier! Additionally, fast and efficient access to transportation tickets online and larger variety of hotel “kinds” make it possible to plan last-minute successful trips, without worrying. Consequently, a guest feels that there are now more options available and he does not need to secure a room early enough in advance. This may not look good to the hotelier wanting to have a better idea of demand in advance, so what should they do? Well, regardless of the destination demand which is a factor that no one can affect individually, building proper online presence and using a smart sales strategy can ensure that when guests decide to visit your area, they will choose you among your competitors. In the mean-time, a professional sales team can effectively predict whether early booking campaigns will do any good based on target markets, destination demand and potential benefits from such offers.